SEO Case Study For Wirral

This article is about a case study we’re running as a part of our SEO Wirral campaigns. One of our clients has a small business that offers services in Wirral and surrounding areas. Through word of mouth, the client found us and signed up for a local SEO service in Wirral.

seo wirral

He’s website is 2 years old and has over 100 indexed URLs in Google which is more than enough for most of the keywords for that area. What we did first was running an in-depth SEO audit on client’s website in order to identify all the weak areas that require initial improvements before we crack on with the SEO campaign. Based on our experience, we know that a solid foundation is what differentiates professional SEO who get results from wanna-be SEO who waste client’s money. As you can tell, we always choose the professional approach and cut all the bullshit.

After we’ve finished the audit, we spent the first week implementing the on-page changes on the client’s website. This alone generate a huge boost in the rankings for several lucrative keywords.

Things we did for the SEO Wirral campaign include:

  • Site speed optimization
  • Proper interlinking
  • Implementing silo structure
  • Improving social media visibility
  • Identifying and fixing 404 pages
  • Removing duplicate content
  • Filling out lacking meta descriptions and titles

During the next week, we were looking for different opportunities to get highly relevant and authoritative signals to our client website on places like business directories, industry-related blogs, forums, social media groups etc. This helped us to generate the next extra push and jump straight to the first page for over 20 long-tail and short-tail phrases.

More updates on this SEO campaign for a Wirral-based client are coming in the next few weeks and can click that link to check out more information or click here to return to our SEO Wirral section.


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